By default the setup program will install the entire Nero 7 Essentials suite onto your computer. You can see from the screen shot that while the Sony DRUA supports accurate stream and has the ability to retrieve C2 error information from the CD, it does not cache audio data. I also put these discs through a “stress test” by reading them back at 16x with the DW If you need additional help, Sony’s support website has a number of resources includingFAQ’s, guides and software updates. IMHO get that drive while you can! The DRUA handled scratched discs relatively well. The link is from the Newegg canada website.

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By looking at the KProbe screenshots, you can see that the discs burned by the drive had a low number of C1 errors and there were no C2 errors at all. You’re also going to get different results for single and dual layer discs.

I used 12x rated Memorex Gold 74 minute media for the tests. Sony Electronics Provided By: But, the way it is spread out can make it hard to find what you’re looking for.

For this test I used a pressed CD containing one Mode 1 data track. While the drive wrote to most of our test media at its rated speed, only three types worked at 18x.

Sony DVD RW DRUA : DVD Writers

This tries to mimic the activities of a person loading these programs onto their own computer. CD DAE is actually designed to be an audio ripping program. Its only 4X hehe: For this test I used Pure Funk. Nero Vision also lets users add things like transitions, custom backgrounds, animated menus and text effects. Sony’s new drive performed pretty well in our DVD writing tests.


This buffer is also backed up by Sony’s Power-Burn buffer underrun protection. OBS Studio screen recording and ssony guid After selecting your preferred language, you’ll be given a xony list of options. If you use a dual layer disc you probably won’t get the best results because most DVD-ROM drives slow down to read them.

This means that the drive’s region is stored in the firmware. Reading recordable media wasn’t a problem for the DRUA either. While there eony a few slight cosmetic differences, the drive shares the same basic design, including the silver colored tray.

I took the drive out of the box, left the jumper set to master and installed it on the secondary IDE chain by connecting the Somy cable and power connector. While brief, the various guides contain a lot of useful information about the drive and software.

With features and specs like this, the DRUA sounds like it has a lot of potential. Next to the jumper block is the analog audio connector. I was scare of that answer I won’t get a Sony anymore now. In both cases the drive uses Z-CLV to reach its maximum writing speed.

By default, the DRUA has a maximum writing speed of 40x. The DRUA also erases at 32x.

So what are “good” results supposed to look like? When it came to writing CD’s, Sony’s new drive gave us some mixed results.

Sony Dvd/cd Rewritable Drive Dru-830a

The guide finishes up by going over the basic operation of the DRUA. More importantly, none of the sectors on dru-380a disc were unreadable. The disc is It started out at about 6. This gave the DRUA an average writing speed of about The drive had no problems passing all of the on-the-fly tests and did not create any errors.


To top it off, Sony has included some pretty good documentation, a software bundle from Nero and a black replacement bezel.