Page Page Page – original placement orientation Page – making copies using the bypass tray Page Page Page – special modes Page Page – adding margins margin shift Page Page – erasing peripheral shadows erase Page Page Page Page – pamphlet copy Page Page Page – copying a large number of originals at o For information on manual finishing functions, see the following pages. Please read this chapter before using the machine. Default Original Image Type Select the original type beforehand to enable scanning at a resolution suitable for the original. With controls for up to three levels of identification, you can protect sensitive documents from being scanned, faxed or e-mailed—so your data is never compromised. Macintosh This function can only be used in Mac OS 9.

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Did a communication error occur? Page OUTPUT The [Output] sharp mx 1100 can be touched in the base screen of copy mode to select sort, group, offset and other finishing functions, as well as the output tray.

Press [Start] to scan original. Page Covers 2-sided copying of 2-sided originals 2-sided copies are made of the following 2-sided originals. This is sharp mx 1100 when you wish to bind the copies with a string or in a binder. It is also possible sharp mx 1100 print the same content on each inserted sheet of paper as is printed on the corresponding sheet of transparency film. Touch the desired file in the list.

Touch the key that you want to edit or clear. And with the demand for a Sharp sharp mx 1100 in the production segment, our market planning, shadp and development teams called for more than an upgrade to our current product line. Cancel A Touch the key of the user name. This screen is used to check jobs, move a job to the top of the job sharp mx 1100, or delete a job.

Color Mode The following settings can be selected for the scanning color when the [START] key Mode The machine detects whether the original is color or black and white and automatically selects full color Auto or black and white grayscale scanning.

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Touch the [Energy Save] key to configure the settings. To configure the settings, touch the [Printer Condition Settings] key. Touch the [Security Settings] key to configure the settings. Add New Store a sender name. Sharp mx 1100 storing an anti-junk number, a maximum of 20 digits can be entered.

The LDAP server was stored when your user information was stored, and thus the LDAP server will appear as the authentication server when you select your login name. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page – copying a pamphlet book copy Page Page Page Page – sharp mx 1100 copy Sharp mx 1100 – tab copying with a right binding Page Page – copying both sides of a card on one Page Page – printing the date and a stamp on copies With one-touch access to business applications via Sharp OSA integration, you can start and finish a document distribution task without worry.

When a shortcut key is touched, sharp mx 1100 screen for that function appears. In addition, when confidential is selected and a password is established, other people will not be able to view the file without permission.

Sharp MX M1100 Error Codes

Interrupt copy temporarily stops the job in progress sharp mx 1100 lets you perform the interrupt copy job first. Indicator line Special Modes When loading paper, make sure that the guide is correctly adjusted to the width of the paper.

When the end receiving machines are far from your machine, sending sharp mx 1100 fax to a relay machine that is close to the end receiving machines can help shaep phone charges. Covers 2-sided copying of 1-sided originals 2-sided copies are made of the following 1-sided originals.

SHARP MX-M850 / MX-M950 / MX-M1100

Touch the [Original Count] key in the screen of step 2 so that it is not highlighted. Page Ready to scan for copy. The above explanations do sharp mx 1100 apply to the system settings.

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Touch the [Auto Image] key to have the reduction or enlargement ratio automatically selected based on the original size and the selected paper size. Other Disabling Disabling of Punch When a punch module is installed.

It meant new thinking from start to finish in order sharp mx 1100 bring Sharp performance to sharp mx 1100 markets. Touch the key of the operation that you wish to perform and select settings. Page Covers 2-sided copying of 1-sided originals 2-sided copies are made of the following 1-sided originals.

If ssharp original was placed on the document glass, replace it with the next original and press the [START] key Repeat until all originals have been scanned.