Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise It never gets very hot at all, even when burning double sided DVDs. Today, when this drive was just starting to burn its fourth CD only 3 weeks after purchase , this error was reported: Upon inquiry, Pioneer customer support sent me an e-mail back saying they will not support the K at all in Macs only in PC’s. I wonder how those drives are performing? I live in Rotterdam.

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Pioneer DVR-K06A Superdrive replacement?

What does it say? It does continue to read and burn dvd’s. I have burned around 20 cd’s so far with no problems. I don’t have a drive recommendation. My previous G3 iBook’s combo drive never had a problem, with over cd’s ripped, and over a hundred burnt. No matter what i have tried it will not re write any DVD.

My drive is unable to burn dvd’s I’ve just given up, I burn everything on my Powermac G5. Ebay link I might have mentioned it in my drive compatibility report, I thought it was an retail Pioneer drive, but it came with an Apple logo on it. Another PB G4 owner wrote he’s had 3 K06 drives that wouldn’t mount discs Grzegorz had mentioned originally his K06 would sometimes not mount a disc on the first try ” I’ve replaced the original drive in my G4 PB 17″ 1.

I suspect they don’t warranty it and the Pioneer warranty is likely only 1 year. This was solved by disassembling the bezel and grinding it with a Dremel tool.


It seems that there are quite a few people with the same problem, both Mac and pc owners. I should add that dv-drw occasion two or three times? This file cannot be used.

Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K06 | Mac Forums

They were interested in the problem. This Apple document explains how to do it. Attempts to clean the laser with a lens cleaning disc didn’t help. Firmware Update Instructions In case of update failure.

Is there something different in firmware? My first attempt to burn a cd froze Toast 8. I was hoping the incidences reported were just rare pionere.

I use boot camp and Win XP and work with audio often. If the laser or other hardware has failed, that won’t help but in the past some desktop drive owners mentioned cleaning discs didn’t help, but a manual laser cleaning did.

Firmware version is 1. You can probably find guides online that will help you out. There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Dvd-re it may be there are more than one source for the laser and any build could have a laser from either of the sources. I think something is very wrong at Pioneer.

I got a reply to an e-mail to Verbatim. I still have not done the previously suggested cable fix to make the drive be the master on the bus and my never do dvx-rw depending on my future experience with the computer. Pioneer will replace the drive under warranty. Assuming you’re using a version that’s compatible with OS X tiger I intend to take the drive apart and try a proper cleaning.

DVD’s however read and write fine. The drive spins and makes noises for a while as if reading then ejects the CD. Unfortunately, since I have been having my vendor swap the dcr-k06a, I don’t even know if Pioneer has gotten any of the failed units back.

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