MarkLogic records total average latency as well as interval latency for each SSD. Feb 15, Messages: Comparing 99th percentile latency in our SysBench test, the Fusion-io ioDrive2 1. Users can opt to address each volume on its own, but to get a single volume they must be put in software RAID. Across the board we measured max latency ranging between 20ms to ms from the ioDrive2 Duo in all modes, with the best being Linux HP mode. Max latency from the Fusion-io ioDrive2 Windows stock was the best for read activity at just 7.

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In these tests we span our workload intensity from 2 threads and 2 queue up to 16 threads and 16 queue. This gave it the highest random 4K write performance in the group, although its Windows performance was roughly in-line with the write speed of the Micron Ph.

Fusion-io ioDrive2 Product Page. The burst performance was far ahead of the competition, and the steady-state rates were close to the competing drives’ burst speeds, excluding the Nytro WarpDrive Windows. In our synthetic testing environment, we use a mainstream server configuration with a clock speed of 2. We also include performance comparisons to show how each device performs under a different driver set across both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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For synthetic benchmarks, we utilize FIO version 2. This item may or may not be in original packaging. Going beyond standard benchmarking practices, it’s necessary to fully understand how new products are positioned in the market and adapt testing methodology to make our coverage both relevant and acutely accurate. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Seagate Reports 1Q19 Earnings. When configured in high-performance mode it had stronger performance in both Windows and Linux than it did in stock-configuration.


From a design perspective, it seems acceptable to use more space to allow for modular NAND segments. In our review which evaluated the ioDrive2 Duo SLC inside a Lenovo ThinkServer RDwe performed all benchmarks with the power-override enabled, giving us full performance without external power needed. However, this time our testing environment has been updated as we have phased out some of our legacy synthetic benchmarks in favor of our MarkLogic and SysBench MySQL real-world testing environments.

Aside from that category, the ioDrive2 performed extremely well.

I have been able to get apk from lenovo to work but i cant get the damn thing to update the drivers. Average latency of the Fusion-io ioDrive2 in all modes measured 1.

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In our SysBench tests, the Fusion-io ioDrive2 1. To add to this, i picked up a gb iodrive Duo SLC and in the same system as the previous crystal disk mark benches they gave the following results, the raid0 is just a software stripe under win8. The ioDrive2 Duo MLC drives tested on Linux performed better and more consistently than those tested on Windows, exhibiting a lower standard deviation 2. This extensive feature set is unrivaled.

For this reason we go to great lengths to show the full performance characteristics of each jodrive2 we put through our Enterprise Test Lab. Feb 28, Fusiom Fusion’s ioSphere addresses many key areas for an IT administrator all through a web interface including: While more evident when viewed on our charts, Windows performance overall doesn’t suffer much, but there is certainly room for improvement.

Wyse Client Review. The MLC comes in idrive2 2. Looking at the ioDrive2 Duo MLC’s 99th percentile latency, it remained very consistent under load, ranging from With such a strong pairing of hardware and software that give Fusion-io ioMemory the performance they are known for, it was important for us to fully understand how to test their products in ways meaningful to the enterprise environments they are created for.


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Show More Show Less. Our main goal with this testing is to show how OS performance differs, since having iidrive2 operating system listed as compatible on a product sheet doesn’t always mean the performance across them is equal.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Wyse Client Review. Comparing latency consistency, the Fusion-io ioDrive2 MLC posted figures near the back of the group in 4k random read and write consistency. There was iodriv2 no difference overall in comparing the Linux and Windows-run drives for this test. When under-provisioned, users can increase the capacity of the ioDrive2 above the advertised capacity at the expense of performance and endurance.