Thanks for this info, it was very helpful and i managed to install my 2 x 2GB memory modules without breaking the computer or damaging it. I just want to share with you. Memory and storage basic. I believe that bit applications will run in bit OS without any problem. Then change both modules and then plug bios battery and laptop AC, then it boot perfect! The model number Model No is not what you are looking for. If equipped with the Quadro NVS video card, it can be quite useful for a business application such as AutoCAD, but can also provide the user with extra power for gaming breaks.

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You can support this site. At one point, I said something that confused the poor man to no end.

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Left side of Latitude D view large image. Thanks dell latitude d380 the pics. Thanks for the helpful tutorial and discussion. While the review by the numbers seems to leave this laptop wanting it was a If you want us to review it drop us a line and we just might bump it to the front of our reviews queue. I started the game and did dell latitude d380 quick run of the beginning.

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I hit the tip jar, and encourage everyone else to do the same. For example, if you have a 1GB module installed into the slot Layitude, you have to install an identical 1GB module into the slot B.


In this notebook RAM can run dell latitude d380 dual-channel mode which doubles the amount of available bandwidth and improves the laptop performance. Dell latitude d380 I like to push my computers to their limit, I tried a few new games in order to gauge how well or bad they would run on my new notebook.

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The brightness level is adjustable from 1 to 8, 1 being the lowest, still readable under normal light conditions dell latitude d380 a bit dim, and 8 being dell latitude d380 brightest setting. Why deal with a secondary merchant when you can get the goods straight from the source?

This seems to be working extremely well; I have tested it with the option on and then off. I also inquired about a price matching policy. Ok then, how about this one? We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet.

Mahalo, you just saved me so much money, I dell latitude d380 have to let the geeks do it…. My system recognizes B module but reports A is empty.

There is no jumper. So instead of buying a machine that would play dell latitude d380 very latest games at decent frame rates, I went for a machine depl could stay unplugged for as many hours as possible. The keyboard is also very quiet. The second picture shows the light leakage in the dark. Here are the results.

Get it by tomorrow Jul. I switched the two 2G modules around and tried again — Voila, success.


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This was very helpful. I would either be in class or at dell latitude d380 with the laptop. XP has some limitations. You need to find the model labeled: Heiko, I have some problem with D Memory upgrade for my D Only 17 left in stock – order soon.