Using an old OS OFF the Internet with some sort of legacy application is one thing and can be acceptable, but the moment you put the crap on the Internet is quite another. If your wireless adapter is the model in the Topic title, there is no ME software listed for it on the Belkin site: Your laser lens may be “dirty”. Triple6 May 21, I use Kerio 2. Join our site today to ask your question. If I did get malware that “stuck” I might not be able to get rid of it these days, and if I couldn’t, I would stop using 98SE.

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I am still using Win 98SE on one computer. Triple6 May 21, If you don’t have a laser lens cleaning CD, most places that have CDs and DVDs have them, and some “dollar” stores have them for a buck or too.

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If you want to risk your identity theft, or loss of credit card number by using a tired old unsupported OS, that’s your choice. I don’t leave my computer running for any more than a short time when I’m not using it. There is just no good reason to do it, adappter with the abundance of cheap used computers running Adaptrr. I have a couple adapters that will not work unless the drivers are installed first, then the adapter plugged in. Then it stopped working altogether.

Sometimes the original CD does have support for older operating systems. I could be the software on the Belkin site also supports using it in ME and they omitted that, but I doubt adater. This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.


That happens in all walks of life. Net is the opinions of its users.

Dec 9, Messages: I wouldn’t do that with any OS, not even the latest, all singing, all dancing fresh of the press OS. A friend with two teenage daughters has been uninfected for about 9 months now and if they can’t bring that 98Se machine to it’s knees, I’m pretty comfortable with the protection.

I repaired the connection, only to have to keep repairing every 30 seconds to 10 minutes. I had not plugged in adapter, just inserted the disk for installation.

This Week Time Zone: Did you follow the installation instructions to the letter? I don’t open any email or attachments in email that look suspicious. We are not computer experts bwlkin try our best, We do use manuals and read directions when trying to do things.

You are risking virus infections, credit theft, identity aapter etc. I have purchased the Belkin wireless adapter to use with our OS Windows ME,on the box it states it supports our OS for the adapter, but when trying to install the divice nothing happens. I have windows xp and the Fd71101 does not work.

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The last time I was infected with a virus was in I second SkipCox’s comment. I’ve attempted re-installing drivers, but when I do, my computer tells me that the driver I’m installing from my hard drive “Has no information on my hardware”, but it’s the correct driver and version for my hardware. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is the right site for anybody who wants to understand this topic. It is the measures you take to protect your self that matter.

Bel,in router not connecting online with Arris modem jcxxclusiveMar 2,in forum: I think I have some other brands, older models, that can also be installed in ME.


Belkin F7D1101 v1 Basic Wireless USB Adapter not working

The first few hours were fine, then net cut out. You might just as well say that all motor vehicles over ten years old should be taken of the roads because they don’t have the safety devices of more modern vehicles. I would park it in a secure car park, with the doors locked and the alarm armed.