In need of help please Hi all, I am trying to communicate from my laptop Dell intel core 2 processor with XP pro serv. Please read this important info!!! Channel 1 is your Ethernet connection. Hope this helps you. When it has more that one Ch 0 is always RSC.. To exclude a word, precede it with a “-“, as follows:

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Hi all, I am trying to communicate from my laptop Dell intel core 2 processor with XP pro serv. Alan Case – 52 posts.

Connecting pc thru AIC to SLC 5/04

RSlinx lite is free at AB web site here: As mentioned there are many ways to configure that system. If you go with something like Panelview then you have multiple options on how to connect BTW slc cpu’s have different memory capacities within the one model. Just something to try, I see you have already done some of this, just go back thru it step-by-step. I’m not sure what the out of the box config is, but it was mentioned above to be DF1 full duplex.

Find More Posts by Ken Roach. By R A Peterson on 12 May, – 3: Thursday, November 8, Find More Posts by jrwb4gbm.

Inexpensive and simple networking functions. It was advertised to do a 1 mS STI.

In need of help please – – Interactive Q & A

You’ll probably want to download the current version 2. You would use this cable to connect from a panelview to an SLC Channel 0.


Your cable number cbl-pm02 is the right cable number. September 20th, Thanks for your Help George Bradley.

Adding a MicroLogix to a DH-485 network

Since you’re dealing with a bunch of surplus hardware, you need to establish a procedure for determining its usability and documenting and labeling the tests you’ve run on each piece of equipment. You will get a warning telling you that this driver has not passed Windows Logo Testing or some such.

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Not sure if it matters but using the df1 full duplex proto. I agee with Ian. This is part CP3. Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed Allen Bradley screwed us, there.

Adding a MicroLogix to a DH network

If there are any takers that have some advice or would like to work closer on this with me through email, screnshots and even remote desktop I would certainly thank the PLC gods. Find More Posts by rmceachran. I for one like the options the different SLCs provide. Your subscription request is being processed. Now just because the processor has the ability to do a 1ms interrupts doesn’t mean every app will work with a 1ms interrupt. Correct, the second port channel 0 is always configured for serial DF1 as its default protocol, but can also be configured for DH which means that all the SLC processor range has one common comms channel if needed.


I’ve never used it.

Seven things you need to know about the PanelView Plus. You configure it in the same fashion to talk with rs versions of the Pviews. What driver are you trying to use.